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November Boozeletter

Better late than never, beautiful autumn days have snuck in just before Old Man Winter slams the door in their face.  Enjoy it while it lasts and toast to our fine fall weather, toast to the beautiful foliage and toast to having a wine shop in walking distance.

The Glenrothes Class Nov 16, 8pm  FREE

We have our first scotch class of the fall and it's an exciting one. Legendary scotch brand, The Glenrothes, has released a whole new line-up and they will be available at the shop for you to try, if and only if, you sign up for the free class. There is still room as of today, so please email us or hit us up on Facebook or just walk into the shop and sign up.  You won't want to miss it.

The Wines You Should Be Drinking Now

The weather has changed and likely so has your taste in wine.  A lot of pinot grigio drinkers are suddenly on to fatter chardonnays.  Spicy French wines are being grabbed up by red drinkers. As the weather changes, the food you eat changes and so do the wines you like with your food. Here are a few wines we carry you might like:


Do you find yourself not willing to give up the rosé of summer, but suddenly you're finding them too light? We have the answer for you. How about trying Franz Keller rosé ($16) of pinot noir or the beautifully textured Sidebar rosé of syrah ($16).


For the whites, a little more texture than those bright, citrusy summer sippers fits the bill. Try these: Audrey Wilkinson Semillon ($21) from Australia and Etude Grace Benoit Ranch Estate Grown Chardonnay ($27).


Hows about a little spice?  This time of the year it's nice to have wine with some big berry flavors and a bit of black pepper.  These are nice: Planeta Frappato($19) and Onix Priorat Classic ($18).

Try Something New? What's New?

Whiskey is what.  We have WIDELY expanded our whiskey section including new additions in Japanese whiskey, American malts and Texas bourbon. There are a lot of bottles to work through, so take your time.  We'll wait.